What People are Saying

“The only real way to prevent human trafficking is to arm our children with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid becoming victims in the first place.”

Summer Stephan
Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County


“The true value of effective human trafficking education can’t be measured in time or money, but instead should be measured in the lives it saves.”

Santos Torres, Jr., Ed.D, MSW, LSSW, ACSW
Professor, Division of Social Work, CSU – Sacramento


“PROTECT empowers students to have discussions in a safe, caring environment and express their inner thoughts and feelings. Students become compassionate, empathetic and aware of the importance of the fight against human trafficking and abuse in today’s society. It gives our youth valuable tools that they will use for a lifetime.”

Janay Shepherd
Teacher, Mission Valley ROP


“When students walk into their learning environments each day, we don’t always know what they are bringing or from where they have come. If we can offer a place that is safe and supportive, it makes it a lot easier for them to focus on learning and being successful in school.” 

Karen Monroe
Superintendent, Alameda County Schools


“Human trafficking is not humane. It’s time to stop asking why this happens and start asking how we can put an end to it.”

Student, Los Angeles area high school


It's NOT OK. You can DO SOMETHING today to combat human trafficking.