“Human Trafficking is a global issue that has not only made its way to our state and region, but also to our public schools. This initiative brings awareness about human trafficking directly to the classroom and educates school staff about how to identify victims of trafficking. These resources can help a child who is being trafficked and hopefully, prevent a child from falling victim to human trafficking.”
– Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

“The only real way to prevent human trafficking is to arm our children with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid becoming victims in the first place.”
– Summer Stephan, District Attorney, San Diego County

“Society is not aware that human trafficking is a growing problem, which is why it is our duty to bring awareness to people. This is a world-wide problem that can’t be stopped, but it can be prevented.”
– Stephanie, PROTECT Student

“It is absolutely necessary to have programs such as PROTECT help us recognize signs of human trafficking and, most importantly, remind students how to love themselves. PROTECT encourages students to view themselves as precious masterpieces and use techniques they’ve learned in class to leave toxic relationships.”
– Veronica A., Teacher, Alameda County

“Schools have the power to protect and inform children of the dangers that exist in terms of sex trafficking. No one thinks it can happen to them, but this training helps illustrate the dangers that exist for children in our community.”
– Nicole A., Teacher, Shasta County

“This training reinforced the responsibilities of teachers and the importance of building relationships and trust with our students.  We are protectors of our children, as well as their teachers.”
– Chrisma, Teacher, Vallejo City Unified School District

“Great to see aligned curriculum that does not need to be stand alone, but can be integrated.  I really see the need to have the HT 101-103 be part of the Mandated Reporter training that teachers are required to do each year.”
– Scott E., Madera County Office of Education Staff

“In my 26 years of teaching, this is the first of its kind that I’ve ever encountered as an educator. I feel I’m now more empowered as an educator and a protector of children.”
– Ed M., Teacher, Vallejo City Unified School District


It's NOT OK. You can DO SOMETHING today to combat human trafficking.